Owning and operating a franchise business can be a great investment, as you already have most of the infrastructure and processes in place to be successful. However, what many new franchise owners do not realize is that they must work with an accountant who knows franchise businesses and how they operate—as there are some unique financial considerations associated with this model.

At R.L. Hinton, CPA, PC, we offer comprehensive franchise accounting services, with fixed monthly fees and ongoing guidance and advice from a CPA with years of experience working with businesses across a broad range of industries.

Covering all your franchise accounting needs

When it comes to franchise accounting, we assist with bank statements, financial statements, profit-and-loss statements and various other recordkeeping needs that allow you to remain in complete compliance with both the law and the rules of your franchisor. Through these services, you will be able to accurately examine the financial health of your business—and even compare your operations to those of your competitors.

Once you have a clear picture of your finances, you can better allocate marketing resources and determine the areas of your business on which you may be spending too much or not enough money.

We also help you gain the right perspective on your business, assisting with your financial planning strategies, improving your cash flow and setting up key performance indicators that will position you for future success. With all we deliver from a financial perspective, you’ll be able to focus on the aspects of your business you truly enjoy.

Learn more about our franchise accounting solutions

R.L. Hinton delivers franchise accounting and advisory services to businesses throughout Kennesaw and the rest of northwest Georgia. To get started today or to set up a free initial consultation, give us a call at 770-729-4470.